name says it all, mine bein jenna haze
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wy is yer mad at muy gramhar fer?

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jimmybanks youre a genius.

aparently i ar smrt?
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jimmybanks youre a genius

A cranked Marshall Plexi all hot and ready to rock all night long.
Aliadiere - sadly has more syllables than goals this season."
Setanta commentator during Newcastle-Middlesbrough. .
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The trip would reach its climax when you came across a character filling a pool via fapping and attempting to drown innocent people in it

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I ran up and started screaming rape because I knew she would never cheat on me.
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My mum.

Haha... Mildy related - My mate, whilst looking for fap material, came across a pornstar with the same name as his mom.
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yo mama.

I just looked at your sig again you sick bastard!

On topic: Liz Vicious and her miniscule cornhole
ohai little sig.
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I just looked at your sig again you sick bastard!

On topic: Liz Vicious and her miniscule cornhole

I haven't seen anything by her in a while actually, I shall have to check in and see what she's been up to.

Audrey Bitoni is one of the very few famous pornstars I actually find attractive.
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Neopowell, that's because you are a pumped-up sex offender.
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You're exactly the kind of person who'd have sex in a bar drunk
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You're a terrible, terrible man. This is a new middle for you.

I write things. You can read them.Essay on UK student riots
Sora Aoi. JAV ftw. Except for the censored genitals and all.
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I remember when I was really young, I had a wet dream in which i was being dragged along an urban countryside by a pickup truck.

Don't ask me I have no idea how the hell it happened.

To Me:

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I love you

is there something i'm not getting here?
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Play Up Pompey, Pompey Play Up

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I'm going to take this opportunity to initiate my campaign to replace the phrase "Taking a shit" with "Busting a grumpy."
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Sora Aoi. JAV ftw.

And Haruka Sanada...

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I snapped my high E once and sliced my finger open, so I can only assume snapping the low E would put me into a coma or something.