Has anyone ever done something out of the goodness of their heart and then get blamed/screwed over for it?
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its called pure awesome

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All I did was report a spam thread and now somebody keeps calling me a cock-sucker...
I saved a kitten from a tree once. Got blamed for rape afterwords.
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Took my friend to his apartment to try to apologize to his girlfriend(they got in a fight, he got kicked out). Ended up finding his best friends car there at 2am. Some lady saw him looking at his friends car and called the cops. I got pulled over at like 3am by 3 local cops and a highway patrol man for "breaking into cars and apartments." Got let go after telling him the story.
Agreed to let someone I didn't know live with me because he was kicked out of his house, and friends with a friend of mine. Then my girlfriend of three years left me for him. Actually, she cheated on me first and got genital warts. Luckily for me, I didn't sleep with her in between those two events.

Oh, and another time I left my drum set at a buddy of mine's house because I didn't drive at the time, and it was a bitch to get in his car, and rather than making multiple trips back and forth, it was much easier on him to just leave it at his house. Then he sold it for drug money.
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At my old school, we werent allowed to eat lunch in the classrooms (in lunch time), we had to go outside or some thing.

anyway the head teacher came in and examined the room cause he liked to be awesome

i quickly hid my lunch under the table as to not get in trouble, however some of my comrades were not as lucky. They got detentions.

then, i decided i would not pervert the cause of justice, and declared that i was eating too...

so i got a detention too... pretty sweet.
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Once, I took the blame for something I didn't do, in order to save a friend.

Looking back on it I was pretty stupid. I got a worse punishment because I "lied" in the first place.

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I saved a kitten from a tree once. Got blamed for rape afterwords.

This one time, I saw a girl. She looked sad. I gave her my pen0r. I got arrested.
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