between the buried and me - selkies the endless obsession <3
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between the buried and me - selkies the endless obsession <3

I decided I want to be more like the people on ug...


That oughta do it.

Time for a supercool guitar demonstration by herman li,

Herman Li- why is this guitar so big?

Stage guy- because its a bass herman

Abigail William(Black metal band) - Watchtower. The tabs on UG are in Drop C, but transpose it to C standard because that's what they play in.
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between the buried and me - selkies the endless obsession <3

btbam plays in C# standard
anything by alestorm
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What he said. You are a wise man for not buying into the hype.

ya hear that...he thinks im wise
some six feet under is in C, all of dethklok except for coffee jingle thats in dropped D, if you drop the C to a B you can play songs from In Flames, Slipknot, Down, uh...all the songs on the Black Sabbath CD Sabbath Bloody Sabbath are in C, Stone Sour is in C with a dropped B, thats all i can think off..
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Most Arch Enemy stuff is in C standard, and all of that is awesome.
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What about 1 step down? (band changed tuning, and lookin for some songs to practise myself for when im playin alone) Also, what strings should i use ?