I just got a Traynor YCS50 and it's making some noises I don't think are normal. Everyone i know with one of these says there really quiet and you rarely hear any buzz or hum but with mine as soon i turn on the distorted channel i have a rather loud constant buzz. Can anyone tell me why this might be and ways to fix it? Also there is a vibrating sound coming from the back of the amp where the speaker and tubes are when ever i palm mute or play heavier chords with gain....is this a common problem with a quick fix or do i need to take it to the shop and get it looked at?
It's possible that your amp was assembled sloppily and the bassier tones are flat-out rattling the amp, it's not a very rare thing to have happen. See if there's anything that can be tightened or have a pro check it out. I don't know enough about amps to comment on the buzz.
Are you using a guitar with single coils?


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what guitar do you have - humbuckers or singles?

Is your signal chain just guitar > amp?

Check all your cables.

Check its not your instrument.

Check its not the amp.
Hmm ive got the same problem, but only when i play with lots of gain. I feel your pain man.
I'm playing a gibson les paul with humbuckers and it is just the guitar to the amp, i never thought of cables i'll try another cable..
Whenever i touch the cable, my buzzing stops, my ground wire isnt soldered to the trem claw, could this be related to the buzzing??