I recently became interested in buying a talk box and i had set my mind on the Jim Dunlop Heil Talk Box...thing is that a quick search on google showed the average price to be about £150

However rather than buy online i like to buy from the local store (just so there's nearby support) anyway i asked 2 of the bigger stores in the area and one store said the price was £240 so i just said F""k that and left and tried another one where they 1st offered £170...stupidly i said that is was good price compared to the other store of course then the guy checks his computer and says the price is now £220 because the prices have been updated and are now higher.

I'm curious as whether anyone else has seen a rise in price in talk box's or are the stores just taking the proverbial pi$$?
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try a raise in prices of everything, especially this year, all the prices of everythign are gonna be goin up, at least in america, i donno bout euorope lol
I was in Dawson's the other day, they had signs for both Fender and Gibson/Epiphone saying all guitars were going up 10% because of the pound/dollar strength, something similar is probably happening.
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:/ Damn, I thought what with economic problems prices would drop on equipment as people have less money to spend so the companies aren't going to have as much demamd so they'd be better of decreasing there prices rather than increasing :S or do I just miss something?
^ I think someone needs to look up economics 101

Supply and demand - the higher the demand, the more they supply/make, the lower the price. The lower the demand, the fewer they supply/make, the higher the price. This certainly applies to guitar equiptment.
^ Lol good point, never think of the simple answers, so much for me doing business studies for A level :P
Well Mathamology, I think you need to take economics 101 again. Demand has gone way down since the economic depression has begun, and yet supply is unlikely to have dropped yet.

This is funny because the US just went through a brief deflationary period. I would just buy the talkbox online. I have no sympathy for local stores that don't care to be even remotely close to competitive. Sure the online stores deal in extremely high volume, but some of the better guitar companys cut good deals for the local authorized music shops.

I can go to the local shop here in town and pay some astronomical sum of money for a Martin, and then go to an even smaller shop the next town over and pay half of that price. The shop here is just gouging, let them go out of business.
I never took economics 101

Still, overheads are gonna be going up for the high street shop, so the online market is going to be better. That said, price increase is very notable in the last few months over a wide spectrum of products.
This whole thing works out well if you're living in Europe and buying gear from England as the sterling has become so weak compared to the euro. I'm getting a Rocker 30 and Holy Grail for under 750euro (incl. delivery) just because i'm buying from Britain. The amp alone costs over 1100euro over here!!
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