We wrote this song during band practice a few days ago.
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"A hand to hold and a song to sing"

Chorus 1

Everyday we walked out toward the sunset
Everynight we talked things out between you and me
Everytime you look my way I get this feeling
Now I'm singing this song for you
I hope you love me too


I've d seen you smile a million times
But each one to is new
They creep up from behind, in a flash
I lose my mind
It's driving me insane, I just can't wait
I love you to the point of going crazy


And as we lie under the stars
Wandering in each others eyes
I found out
That I was in love
And nothing else needed
to exist


We don't need anything!
Just me and you together baby,forever and ever
Nothing less, nothing more
And I'll show you who my heart beats for

Chorus 2

In my dreams, I wish to wake up beside you
Under the rain, hold you close and never let go
Everytime, you say my name I get shivers down my spine
Now I'm singing this song for you
I hope you love me too

Order of lyrics:
Chorus 1
Chorus 2
Chorus 1

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