I just recently got the amp mentioned above as my first tube amplifier. However, I think it may have a problem. Whenever the volume is above 2-3, there will be a very annoying and loud rattling sound if I play a note on either the E or A string. It seems to get worse the longer I have my amp on, but I may be imagining that. Is there something wrong with the amp?

I've got some new information on the problem

Every time I first turn the amp on, the problem doesn't occur
However when I play for a bit, it gradually becomes worse and worse

There's also another problem with the amp. The reverb sometimes works the whole time I have the amp on for one time, but it sometimes doesn't, regardless of footswitch activity.
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Check the screws anywhere on the amp. Next, check the room you are playing in. See if there are any objects that could be rattling. Play a note that usually rattles then walk around the room trying to find where the sound is coming from. I know the lights in my downstairs rattle when I play. If not, it could be the amp. But more than likely it is something in the room.
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I've checked and it seems to be coming from the amp's left speaker. Maybe just in that area
Chech all the screws and what not.
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errr i just got rid of my 65. honestly i think as nasty of an amp as it is, it just has some really finicky things with that vintage circuitry. what tho do u mean by rattling? is it a physical raddle from a part of the amp? or is it some type of distortion/buzz coming from the speaker?
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tubes! i got the same thing with my champ - when the preamp tube was microphonic!

screw the back off, check the tubes by tapping them with a pencil or something, if one rattles - that's the one!


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errr i just got rid of my 65. honestly i think as nasty of an amp as it is

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That just happened to my friend's amp, and it was a bad preamp tube. Take it to a shop and have it checked out.
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