here's another song.

Just stop, drop everything
forget about the past,
it's time to start thinking
about the future
You can stop screaming
and forget what she said
it doesn't matter, it's not important

(chorus)You don't have to walk
alone anymore, I'll be
there for you, just turn around
and walk away with me
into the sunset, we can
both go home after the dust settles

There's nothing that can comfort me,
nothing to patch my broken heart,
I'll just have to forgive and forget,
pick up the pieces, make no regrets,
and start a new life elsewhere

(to chorus)

Looks like I can't forget, she'll always be
there in the back of my mind, I
truly believe she was my one and only,
one-of-a-kind. I can't believe it's over
what I've been through was horrible, but
life's to short to spend sitting
in a corner, so get your things, pack up,
we'll get out of here, we'll run away together

(to chorus)

(instead of we can both go home... change to we'll both be fine
no one will know we left, it'll all be clear (whisper after the dust settles)

that's it. hope u liked it!