Can someone photoshop me into a picture?

I want to be photoshoped into a picture with a celebrity or in a porno.
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send your gf over to my place and ill give her a birthday present

Fender Squier
SP-10 (i almost don't use it)
Boss DS-1
Boss RC-2 (very useful)
Boss GT-10 (hell yeah)
Good Headphones
Gameboy color

No because you put a question mark in your thread title.

One day the otters will destroy you all... humans.
on a serious note..

can someone help me?
I went to a concert saturday, and house of blues takes cameras... so I had to use my phone

the pics are decent, but kinda fuzzy
can someone sharpen them for me?
message if you can
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If at first you don't succeed, play bass.

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Cats don't think. They plot.

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is this because you're never gonna be famous and/or get laid?
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