Hey, man. I like the tune. Very cool to hear someone playing that style of music today. The Dylan influence comes through in spades. If the song was 5 minutes longer I might have suspected he wrote it. Keep working on your singing, it sounds like you may be emulating Dylan too much. The more you work on it, the more your own style will come out. The lead guitar licks were very tastefully sparse. I thought you did well with your arrangement of the song.

P.S. I'm quite jealous of your piano skills.

Well done man! A nice blues type song you have here. I enjoyed it. Great work on the harmonica

lol, my ears must be failing me. i thought i heard it ?
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I liked it alot, but I don't feel like putting a proper crit up. Also, the beggining of cover years reminds me a bit of Like a Rolling Stone, and the singing sounds a bit like Mr. Tambourine Man. I'm a big Dylan fan though, which is probably why I recognized that