I have £1000-1100 saved up for a new guitar and amp, but i'm torn between two guitars. I play pop-rock/punk/hard rock/metal and I want to branch out to different genres such as jazz and blues. I need to keep some money for a new amp for gigging and band practices.

1) Fender FRS Mex 72 Tele Deluxe Olympic White
This would leave me about £500-600 for a new amp. I need one to gig with etc. so it would have to be pretty good. It is a lovely guitar, and i've always liked them.

2) Gibson Les Paul Studio Alpine White Gold Hardware
This would mean I couldn't afford an amp until next yearish (if I can get a job), which means I would have to continue playing on my 5W which I can't do at band practices etc.
I've been in love with this since I started playing and given the choice i'd take this, but it's so damn expensive that I don't know if it's worth it the now.

So, suggestions?
Any other guitars I should try out instead?
Will do. The amp is over budget though. I'd have to wait until next year to even consider buying it.
I was looking at getting a tiny terror and an orange cab (can't be bothered looking up what one it is)
I'm not sure how versatile it is though
Tiny terror/used rocker 30/jcm800 and maybe a used Japanese Tokai?

That'd be a really nice setup.

EDIT: Maybe a strat with a good bridge humbucker?
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