Poll: Schecter or ESP guitar?
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Alexi Blacky/Scythe
12 41%
Schecter C-1 Blackjack ATX FR
17 59%
Voters: 29.
Stuck between two guitars here... After months of searching...

Its either an ESP from the Alexi series, ( Blacky/Scythe ).
a Schecter C-1 Blackjack ATX FR.

Thanks!!! :]
I'd have to say the Blackjack, since it'd be more versatile due to the neck pickup, and Blackouts are meant to be very good. plus i really just don't like the look of the new alexi's
Thanks guys,

Everyone has different opinions don't they?

I've spent countless days just searching for a guitar i like..

But with the Alexi it just sort of hit me?
It looks absolutely AMAZING, and very metal, which is what i play.

Now it would just be the choice of getting the Blacky or the Scythe?
if your set on the Alexi, go with the scythe, IMO the blacky looks like arse
Haha, okay, thanks!

Still though...
When I go to look at that Schecter, That just makes me want it again.

So really i'm spoilt for choice :/.

I'm only 16... and all of the music shops around here sell guitars aimed at beginner guitarists, so that rules out going to test them out?

Thanks for the help everyone..

But IMO the scythe just looks plain bad ass... :]
And the set up looks good too.
If I dont get it wrong alexi's got only a pickup at the bridge, is beter a guitar with two humbucking so you can get also some clean sound and switch for getting other sounds, I personally go with ESP, I like em a lot but not the alexi's guitar

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