ther wasa guy there asking about spiking his hair or something, and he started a new thread about it. but the thread got closed because theres already a hair thread. the problem is only new threads show up on the homepage and get interest and recognition from users , not posts alone, so if (just an example) he hadve posted his query in the old hair thread no-one would have even noticed or seen the question thus he wudve recieved no help. maybe on the homepage new posts should be shown from old threads? ... anyone agree? it would probabaly benefit a lot of users and also the site from havin to repeatedly delete new threads.
I'm not sure that's the problem. Its just most pit-monkeys can't stand to see the same thread over and over (and it says so in the rules.) On the other hand, some people might need/want immediate attention so they post a new thread. Plus, the searchbar barely helps, I know from experience.
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