Get every single girl in the entire high school pregnant.

Seriously, is that not the most hilarious prank ever?

You're probably thinking "no way, dude, your dick would be so red and in pieces at the end..." But No, not with a penis. I'm not exactly sure how it would be accomplished. I was thinking maybe a turkey baster or something. Then, I thought, maybe we'd offer "free pap smears" which would actually inject semen in there?

I don't know, but I thought I'd ask the pit for some advice on this matter.

I know there is a senior prank thread somewhere, but this doesn't fall under that category because it's more of an epidemic idea of how to get lots of people pregnant at once without using a penis.

And for all those losers who will say "that's immoral and wrong and just like rape," this is more of an idea rather than a plan. I do not believe we will actually follow through with this.