for sale only. not interested in a trade unless you want to swap a blackstar HT-5 for all of them as that is what i am trying to fund. these items will be listed elsewhere too so may be taken down from here depending on interest.

Orange Tiny Terror

not a lot i can say about this amp as you are probably more than familiar with it. a 15 watt head unit with a switch to drop it to 7 watts. this thing is a great single channel amp which i have had for about 6 months. bedroom use only and never cranked. its in good/clean condition and includes the carry case but not the original cardboard box. great for blues and classic rock and goes from a reasonable clean to a great overdrive and decent distortion. if you play metal you will probably want to hit the front end with another gain stage of some type to push it into real dirty territory (such as the blackstar pedal below).

i am looking for £210 for the amp if you can collect. if not then ill charge a further amount for postage. i would imagine the postage is in the region of 15-20 pounds but ill check if you cant collect.

Blackstar HT-DRIVE

excellent pedal from blackstar. high voltage valve driven overdrive. great as a clean boost or as an extra gain stage to push your amp over the edge into dirt. bought to use with the tiny terror above but as i am trying to fund a new combo with 2 channels it will be surplus to requirements. this baby was £89 new around 6 months ago so i am looking for £65 collected and i suspect it will cost around £10 for delivery if you cant collect.

Boss DS-1

brand new in box Boss DS-1. a classic distortion box that you will find in many a players arsenal. i bought this about 3 weeks ago to mod to keeley specs but havent got around to it and now i need the cash for something else so it has to go. as they are only £40 in the shops ill do this for £30 if you collect it and £35 delivered.

all these prices are open to any serious offer and as i said they are listed elsewhere too so may sell before you get your offer in.

i live about a mile out of wolverhampton so any collections can be made from here or i can travel a short way to meet you if required and with reasonable notice.

thanks for looking.

Thank you please.
sorry for the double post...

both the blackstar and the ds-1 are complete with box and manuals and the blackstar comes with the proper 16v psu too...
Thank you please.
do you have a cabinet available for the tiny terror?
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i have a cabinet with a celestion rocket 50 in it. when i say cabinet, its a box made of thin, uncovered mdf and its just big enough and sturdy enough to hold the speaker... you can just see the top of it under the amp... if you are interested, the speaker cost me £15 so if you want it, cover that and ill throw in the cab (such as it is) for free if you buy the amp.
Thank you please.
no one interested in a tiny terror? awesome amo for a good price... come on guys and gals, make me an offer.
Thank you please.
Give it a week or two and I'l be contacting you on the tiny terror front.
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i am actually coming to london in a week or two so i could possibly deliver it. are you far from streatham common?
Thank you please.