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28 18%
27 18%
26 17%
13 8%
7 5%
over 10
52 34%
Voters: 153.
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I have 7.
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the moon
A guitar chords one
2 Ac/Dc
2 Hendrix
and a Red sox one.
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2, i hate posters, they look tacky but my walls would look empty without them
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Simpsons one
Devil May Cry one
Guitar Chords one
Spiderman one
weird ass one, and that is it

I used to have some band ones but eh
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Metallica, BFMV, My chemical romance (flame), 2 muse, strokes and bunny suicides.

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1 Oasis
1 Streets
1 With Nike trainers on it
2 Arctic Monkeys


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Just two.
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Over 10 in both of my rooms
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I used to play Paintball basically Professionally, so i have:

12 Paintball posters,
3 Paintings
1 Game Poster
at the moment, 2. inside my room. there are 4 more on the door OUTSIDE. and i need to finish putting the others up (ive just decorated my room).
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Seven I think.
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I have 5: a small Jenny Lewis one that was for a school concert, an Incubus one that my sister got for free somewhere, a Radiohead one that I bought myself, a picture of central park that I enlarged and printed out on 20 sheets of printer paper, and an art project I made regarding Vitamin Water.
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I used to have heaps, but i had to take them all down when i got my room repainted [lime green. ouch.]. Been too lazy to put them up since.
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oh god...lots lol
I got...Maiden, Slipknot, 3 Guitars (Strat, Les Paul and Ibanez JEM), Green Day, Dir En Grey (no idea why - i hate them), Defenders of the Faith II, and a loada Kerrang! ones.
Ohh, and by my bed I have a "wall of gods" which is where i stick the pics of true gods among humans...(IMO) i.e. Randy Blythe, Robb Flynn, Seether, Green Day, Kurt Cobain etc.
And some tickets from gigs I've been to aswel.. lol
makes my room look better

Oh...and now I think of it...that random map you get with GTA Vice City is stuck next to my sofa where i can see it
i think most of us have that guitar chords one

aside form that i have

the stanley cup
dawn of the dead
zombie (1979)
Motley Crue (Too Fast For Love)
Motley Crue (Dr. Feelgood)
Bart Simpson....underachiever
Steve Yzerman
Star Wars Trilogy

Metallica, Master of Puppets
Venom, Black Metal
Metallica, Kill em All
Cannibal Corpse, Eaten back to Life

and a framed photo of Patrick Roy with a game used stick FTW
and two 8x10s of Koivu and Recci

Jimi Hendrix
Marylin Monroe
John Lennon
The Beatles - Abbey Road
Pulp Fiction
Central Park
The Prodigy
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Libertines
Sex Pistols
The famous picture of the workers sitting eating their lunch on a rafter above NYC.
a sweet ass slash poster
a dark night poster of the joker
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I live in a quad with three other guys, so we have a bunch. My room mate has a bunch of football posters of the Buffalo Bills, and I have one Against Me! poster and one Garden state poster in my room. In the common room I have three Bob Dylan posters, one Green Day tour poster from mexico (original) and a That 70s Show poster. My room mates have put up one of Jessica Alba and one of various 'Shocker' puns (the hand thing). I have another tube full under my bed, and at least 20-30 more at home. My other room mates have some in their room but I don't remember what they have. Stereotypical degrading pictures of women and stuff, pretty standard.
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i have zero, moved recently, haven't bothered putting any up, i do have a guitar calendar though, deos that count as one?
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Only 1 in my dorm. Back home I have about 250 in my room and a couple in my living room.
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None - not even an option lulz
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kill bill
back to the future
chilli peppers
sgt peppers
master of puppets
pulp fiction
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1 incubus one
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kill bill
back to the future
chilli peppers
sgt peppers
master of puppets
pulp fiction

sgt peppers was f*cking sweet
1980 Gibson SG Standard Cherry Red
Ibanez TM-71 Talman Artcore Semi-Hollow
2003 Tom Delonge Fender Strat Seafoam Green
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15 between my roommate and I:
White Stripes
Eagles of Death Metal
Led Zeppelin
The Boondock Saints
The Clash
Pink Floyd
John Belushi
Barack Obama
Snakes on a Plane
and a stolen CTA map

Empty walls scare me.
in my dorm i have 4 decent sized posters:

v for vendetta
the faceless - planetary duality (AUTOGRAPHED)
tool - 10000 days
Go Veg.
1. But it's more like a framed thing, not a poster & it has nothing to do with music.

**** knows why my swimming certificates are still up from ages back.
i have the haunted, billy talent, machine head, one of robb flynn by himself, a perfect circle, hayley williams, brody dalle, afi, vikki blows (model), tool, fear and loathing in las vegas, 3 bob marley one of which is a huge framed picture and a massive heroes picture (isaac mendez with his brains everywhere).

i used to have a lot more but now im just real lazy
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