Hello all, I have been learning for about 3 1/2 weeks now, I am just wondering how long I should expect to take to learn a chord? I am working on quite a few right now and I can generally find the fingering without looking at the neck, but moving between them in rhythm to a beat is still difficult, so I'm curious if I'm falling behind or it's ok.
As long as your progressing and having fun, you're doing just fine.

If you're struggling a bit with putting them together to play songs and stuff, just concentrate on 2 chords at a time - keep changing backwards and forwards between those 2 until you are comfortable, then look at the next chord change.
There is a practice track that is given in the dvd I am using after a lesson to play along with the chords. When I try to do that, it generally takes 1-3 beats after a chord change to have proper fingering, and since each chord is for 8 beats it doesn't sound too good. But when I am just practicing randomly moving between them it is smoother than that. So it seems like I can move between them decently but when it comes time to do the track I'm not up to par.