I just realised I haven't opened my wage packet from last week. It's great because I thought I was brassic!

So I'm £120 richer than I previously thought. On top of that my boss is giving me 2 weeks pay because I'm awesome and they're selling the hotel.

So A) Who likes finding money when you think you have none? (Please don't resort to fighting the law)
B) Who loves free money?

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D) Who loves orange soda?
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Who loves it when they lose their job when the new owners and management take over?

I enjoy a hearty roast dinner...

...for breakfast.
E) All of the above
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F) What the f*ck?

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before de oder guys, nobody dere, you know.
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I kinda imagine him singing sum41 songs.

I got paid 100€ more than expected this month, too. Sadly, that and my savings are all I'll have for two months or so.
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D) Who loves orange soda?

KELL loves orange soda!

D-2) Is it true?
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I know exactly how you feel! A few days after Christmas I found about $450 in a bank account I forgot about.

So I did what any self respecting man would do.... Went out and got a new amp!
yeah i got paid £500 more than i thought i was getting, because of the holiday i never took.

(i went on holiday and ironically got ill so i claimed it as sick leave)

recession what?!
Every now and again my girlfriend gets overpaid by like $200 so we drink good beer and bourbon instead of bad beer and bourbon
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