I heard from someone that you shouldn't use fiberglass on a guitar, apparently it messes with the tone or something...but on all the guitars I've done any kind of body modification to, I've had my friend fill in the cracks and low spots with fiberglass, since he works in a collision shop and does it to cars all the time.

so is it true that you shouldn't use fiberglass on a guitar? if so, what should i use on place of fiberglass?
This is bull****. I make pickguards and cover plates out of the stuff and it does jack to the tone.

Listen to the "Strat with '66 Conrad pups" clips on my profile. Fiberglass pickguard.
^I think he meant repairing the body with fibreglass, not just covers. Body repairs would affect it.
Not that its necessarily bad, there are also electrics made from carbon fibre. I think it would sound different, not necessarily bad.
I'm sure it would be fine. As people have mentioned, carbon fibre and graphite has been used.

Not a single piece of wood on that bass and people pay £1,800. Must be doing something right.

Is it working for YOU? If so, keep using it to fill in dents .

...or make a full body out of it to see.
there are guitars made from plaxiglass.. i don't know if it's the same with fiberglass..
ritchie kotzen used one sometime..


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