OK, justa couple of little ponderments that are going on in my little brain .

Firstly, a friend of mine is selling a Boss CE-2B for £20, its in good condition, box and manual a bit scruffy, but the pedals fine, besides some cosmetic damage.
Is this a good deal? I know the CEB-3 is generally not regarded as brilliant, and i have been wanting to get a digitech bass chorus, but this is £20 and all i want is a nice, subtle chorus thats reliable and simple to use. Good Deal?

Secondly, I also want to buy an EQ pedal, Probably a GEB-7, as there seems to only be that and a behringer one, and reliability is a large factor for me because im not exactly *ahem* careful with my gear. But the reason i want an EQ is because i find it difficult with the style of EQ (Mid parameter & mid boost or cut on laney RB3) to get a good sound. But I'll soon be getting a Laney RB9 with a cab, which has the same band EQ as the boss GEB 7;

will i be able to use these to switch between two EQ's quickly, or would the EQ settings on the amp sort of... over power the eq of the pedal, e.g. as if i boosted a treble frequency with the pedal, surely if the setting on the amp had trebles cut, the pedal wouldnt really be doing much?

Summary; Is the Boss CE-2B Chorus pedal good? & Can you use an EQ pedal to switch between 2 EQ settings without hassle?

Thankoo kind people in advance
The chorus is ok. I'm not a fan, but chances are, if you don't like it, you could eBay it for a small profit.

And yes, you could use it to swap between two settings. You just need to set the EQ pedal with the extra EQing after in mind. e.g. you want a treble boost with the EQ pedal, but have a treble cut on the amp, you need to give a bigger treble boost on the EQ pedal to make up for it.
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