Before you mention it EightSeven is the file number in my screwed up file naming system, rather than a hint at time signatures or anything of the sort. AND when I say "inspired" I mean I've been listening to a lot of jazz and prog ROCK recently, if it sounds like neither then thats even better in my eyes as it means I'm being creative rather than rehashing lol Of course I may have even failed at that xD

Never mind, anything goes on the road to finding "the sound".

I'm not entirely sure about the "introish" section, before the "main theme". I mean I like the triplets idea in the rhythm section and the notes the lead guitar is playing, but it simply doesn't feel right yet. I dunno... Idea are much needed on this section!

Its true its incredibly short at the moment, but I wanted to see what people had to say so as to generate inspiration to write the rest of it. And yes the guitar is supposed to by improvised (as noted in the gp files), hence why if its crap don't blame me, as its only really supposed to be a semi-decent filler, for obvious reasons.

Enough rambling..
Hmm. The rhythm / groove / or what-so-ever is really nice on this one. Original sounding.

I see your point at that's there is something that doesn't feel simply right. I'm not just sure what it is quite yet.... I'll try to figure this out maybe tomorrow if I have time after band rehearsal. But I'll def keep this in mind.
The good majority of this piece sounds good, sounds like something I'd like on when walking.

Then we've got that troublesome intro. I've listened to it a few times, and I think what might be the problem is there's quite a lot going on. You've got the rhodes piano, guitar, and the drums all fighting for our attention. Perhaps simplifying one of those instruments slightly, just so they sort of "take a step back" would help? Because at the moment, it's hard to tell which of those you're supposed to be focusing on.