No... Not really amazing. Just wanted to get your attention. But I have however a new instrumental song on my profile called "Own song v.1" that I´d love to get some feedback on. So take a look and leave a comment, and I´ll listen to your songs if you have any Enjoy!

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I'm liking it so far... Intro is cool, is that a flanger..? It'd be better if you didn't go straight from a slow relaxed riff into the heavier distorted part. I would have slowly introduced the heavier riff. to me it the beginning riff, while awesome feels kinda tacked on.

Awesome tone you've got, can I ask what your settings on your gear were? the solo at 0:48, fits in perfectly, sounds fine.

The drums were very simple, Work on them. from 3:00 onwards was pure epic awesome-ness, other than the drumming this is very hard to fault. I guess it could have like a really catchy riff in it, that the song keeps coming back to. A kind of a hook I guess.

Sorry I don't have anything bad to say lol.

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i thought the best parts were the beginning middle and end. i thought the rythm guitar and the whole rythm section was just to rudimentary. i dont even know if i heard a crash in the whole song. lead work was spectacular though. just add some touches to the rythm guitar or some changes and i think youd really have something there. keep working on it.

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