Hey everyone,

I'm just starting out, and I recently bought an electric guitar. I'm interested in learning both how to play acoustic and electric, and I was wondering if learning how to play acoustic on the electric will hamper me later on. Will I be able to easily transfer everything I learn on the electric when I get an acoustic guitar?
The only thing I can think would be a problem would be hammer-ons and pull-offs. To get the acoustic to ring out requires A LOT more firm of a hammer on.

Aside from that, chords will sound way warmer so depending on how well aurally trained you are its going to sound a bit off.
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yeah. its not a big switch. u might have to push down harder on the strings of an acoustic, but u can basically play anything on electric that u can on an acoustic. scales and basic techniques pretty much stay the same.
yeah you won't be able to do more advanced acoustic techniques on an electric... you can do a lot of cool percussion type stuff with the hollow body of an acoustic versus the solid body of an electric... but the basic stuff is the same.