Well hello bass forums, i stumbled upon this picof a bass on another music forum. anny guesses?

hey i didn't give you permission to post my bass on this forum
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Holy Crap! Was it hit by a tank shell or something?!

I'm guessing it's so aesthetically knackered 'cus the pickups were changed.
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Holy Crap! Was it hit by a tank shell or something?!

I'm guessing it's so aesthetically knackered 'cus the pickups were changed.

They put ****ing light switches in it, I dont think it was just the pickups.
I don't know what it is, but I want it.

Going by the shape and what I assume are pickguard holes, it's a P-bass copy of some sort.
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I bet it sounds beautiful.
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doesn't even matter one bit what it used to be, considering what's been done to it.
^^not necessarily helpful.
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Mark Hoppus bass uses tone knob!
it's super unneffective!
Is that... duct tape?
Oh noes!
Probably sounds great for what it is, no lie.
As for guesses, some electrical guru found it in a pawn shop or somethin and tried to make it work. Not the best idea, but I'm sure he's proud.
im guessing that since there are 5 switches and 5 pups each switch controls each pickup. Im curious what that thing between the bottom switches are
...there are three pickups...

I assume the bottom ones are some sort of tone control, though a killswitch would seem likely as well.
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oh my
duct tape and light switches

I think I found my summer project!
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haha, its a beautiful disaster!

I dig it. its got character.
"Whats that noise??"

"... Jazz"
^^ And the EMG is only being held in by two.

And the Input Jack is extremely stupid!
"Whats that noise??"

"... Jazz"
I like it. It looks like it's fixin to blow you away, either through the song or an electical short of some kind. Surely all that was intentional... looks like he made space for the pick-ups with a hammer... There's the odd screws, the places where the wood has been knocked off for no reason, and the mounting of the input jack... I'm gonna say intentional, but if it's not? I still like it.
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oh my...

I love torn basses...

this is too intended.
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if that thing was cleaned up (I don't mean cleaned up as in get rid of all that crap, I mean it as still make it look "destroyed", but still somewhat clean and organized) than I would love to own that thing
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eeewwww, theres light switches on it....and it looks ibaznez like, that could make anyone shiver
Try adding more delay.