So, I'm building a frankenstrat and I don't know what kind of pickups to put in it. I am gonna connect the neck pickup. I need a humbucker and a single coil pickup for hard rock and metal, also it would help if MF sells them.
if you like metal, get an EMG for the humbucker... i have EMGs on my bass and theyre kickass. EMG pickups are known for being good for playing metal, i dont know what you would use as the single coil cause im not all that familiar with guitar pickups...
well, hard rock and metal... theyre on my schecter and i can get a wide range of tones because theyre active pickups. i can even get a warm fat sound like in jazz out of them. im not sure how the guitar ones are. My brother has a schecter as well but his guitar has seymour duncan pickups which, in my opinion, are very good so thats another good option.
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An EVH style frankenstrat?

Get a Seymour Duncan Antiquity for the bridge.
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Lace Alumitones should add to the instrument's flexibility, and they come in single-coil or humbucking sizes.

(Yes, I said "sizes"- apparently, the two types perform nearly identically. The different sizes exist to fit different guitars.)

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Depends entirely on your amp, your playing style and what other pedals/accessories you use.

For example if you play on a Marshall JCM 800 100w fully cranked all the time playing in arenas with a heavy pick action and you're not using any pedals, then active pickups might be good or at least a higher-output passive pickup like a Seymour Duncan JB model.

On the other hand if you mostly play in your bedroom on a 1/3 volume 15w combo amp using pedals for distortion then you'd be best off with a mid- or lower-output passive pickup like a Pearly Gates or a DiMarzio PAF Pro.
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in that case, you're screwed! :p
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what if I play medium volume at small gigs using sometimes just the amp and sometimes pedals?
Then you should avoid active pickups certainly. Some higher-output passive pickups might still be viable for you depending on the specifics of your rig.

Even so, if you use pedals at all and/or if you're not fully cranking your amp then you are probably best off with a mid-output pickup for the bridge and a low-output pickup for the neck. Overwound Alnico II or underwound Alnico V for humbuckers and definitely something nothing overwound for singlecoils. I'd suggest something in the range of a SD Five Two singlecoil pickup and anything between a Pearly Gates up to a Duncan Custom humbucker.
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What Peavey amp? What guitar wood? What bridge? What main music style? Lead or rhythm focused? Specific tonal demands? It all matters.

In any case I'd suggest that the PAF Pro is too bright for the bridge position in anything but a mahogany or possibly korina body; anything brighter and a better choice would be a Duncan Custom 5 or DiMarzio Breed.
Wouldn't bother with high output pickups then; they're designed to drive the front end of a tube amp, so they won't do much in something like a Transtube. You're probably better off saving up for a new amp, but since you're probably not going to need anything too high output I don't see why you shouldn't change pickups now.
Try the Breeds, both bridge and neck. they work perfectly in alder.
Well, I am saving for a new amp but other things are more important. I'm not switching pickups I'm building a guitar and wondering pickups to put in it. Breeds eh? I need a single coil and a humbucker, do they come in both sizes?

SGEDIT: I checked, I only see humbucker sizes. Any suggestions for a single coil?
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Oh yeah, I completely forgot the details

Try the DiMarzio Area '61; fat, weighty single coil sound without hum.
No problem whatsoever. You might want to get other opinions too though, because that's just what they are; opinions.
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No problem whatsoever. You might want to get other opinions too though, because that's just what they are; opinions.

Okay, I think any pickups are better than what's in my current guitar. It's an Epi Sg speacial with stock pups, so anything will be an upgrade.