Alright...first i will say that im going to use this amp to play metal avenged sevenfold style most of the time.

Now...I can play their songs without solos so im nnot as good as syn yet...so im looking for an amp thats not expensive and to play with my band to practice...the one i have right now is veeeery weak so i need one to play loud and clear along with drums...

I was planning on buying a peavy vypyr 30 watt but i dont know much about amps so i dont know if i will hear it when my friends druming...

If you guys know about a cheap amp that fits my needs tell me and try to make it as less expensive as possible. Im planning on buying a schecter hellraiser avenger later just in case it helps to know.

What's your definition of cheap?

I would recommend a Roland Cube over a Vypyr because I don't like them much, but most people do.
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A Vypyr 30 is a good start. What's your budget?


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are you willing to look used?

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Might wanna move up to the 60 watt tube Vypyr to be heard over your drummer and get a good sound, too.
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ok thanks...now...What can you tell me about ebay...if it ships to usa only does it still ship to Puerto Rico, I hope it does cause we are part of usa, if you know tell me...I saw an amp that said Excellent-in-box-no reserves but I dont know if its new or used even checked description....so if anyone can help me(even though its off topic) please... thanks for before