ok so i need 3 coupler cables & an instrument cable
I'll need
2- 6in couplers
1-12in coupler
1- idk i was thinking 10ft-20ftmax instrument cable

rite now i have the kinda cheap monster cable, & it works fine
& musician gear couplers so i prob just get some of them

i was thinking just another monster cable 4 the instrument

I don't wanna spend alot of money

Is braided cables better?
is angled or straight better?
Any suggestions? i was kinda thinking Dimarzio also, but added up itd get kinda expensive
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not really sure, i just know i like the monster cables with the gold ends the best of the ones i've used. alot of people will tell you it won't make a difference, but if you sit down with different cables and plug into the same rig with them, you'll hear a noticeable difference in clarity and tone on some more than others, so just sit down with a few and try them out. I've heard dimarzio cables are nice.

Also angled or straight is just preference. i use straight on most things other than FX pedals..