Hi guys. I'm going to be putting some new pickups in my MIM strat. I want to keep the versatility of the strat so I have narrowed it down to two sets. Either a set of rails with hot rails in the bridge, vintage in the mid, and cool in the neck. Or the complete axe setup with a JB JR. in the bridge, duckbucker in the mid and little 59 in the neck. I have concerns with both sets. In terms of the complete axe set up, I'm afraid it won't be able to handle the harder rock i like to play from time to time, and also I am just not a fan of the duckbucker in general. With the rails setup, the only thing I am concerned with is that I have heard negative reviews with the hot rails in that they sound terrible without heavy distortion. Do any of you have either of these sets in your guitar currently or have you played them? If so, which would you say provides better versatility and can both handle metal? Any help is greatly appreciate!
i don't know if the JB Jr. is like the full size one, but it can handle heavy gain REALLY well. not sure about the hot rails.sorry.
did you listen to the sound samples on the SD website? i can't comment about the rails but the JB Jr. definately can play hard rock and probably won't do horribly on metal either.