For a new guitar!!! I'm going to my local music store this weekend to try some out and hopefully find the one for me. I've got about $400USD to burn. I play metal, harcore, grunge, blues, techno and some other stuff (bands like SOAD, slipknot, A7x, Seether, Green Day) so it needs to be rather versitile. 24 frets and humbuckers are a must. ANd im thinking about a locking tremolo, but i need to try some out to be sure i like it. and it'd be very very nice if it was a neckthru, but i know most arent very cheap. so with that in mind, any suggestions?
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Well there are 2 things you're asking for mainly.
1) Neck-through
2) Double locking trem

Both of these will be hard to find in that price range, mainly neck-through. The problem with the trem is it'll probably be a POS that won't last very long.

But if you like thin necks, get an ibanez that doesn't have an edge 3, edge 2, or lo-trs or maybe a used jackson.

Otherwise, i know the epiphone em-2 looks good on paper. Maybe check that out?