Does anybody here have a Traynor YCV80?Its gets very good reviews.I'm thinking about buying one.Any body have pros and cons?
Well, I've got the YCV40, which is basically the 40 watt combo. I think it's a great amp, but what style are you going for?

I think it sounds great for metal, acoustics, prog, and general rock area, but it's not the best for blues and jazz stuff.
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How is the overdrive on the amp I've heard great things about the dirty/drive channel but no one nearby sells them so I would have to drive to test one out
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the YCV80 has massive headroom, you would be better off with a YCV50 Blue or YCV40.

The YCV50 will definitely suit your needs although you might need an OD to kick it into metal territory.

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The only thing I was worried about with YCV50 blue is how can I record too my computer with that?The YCV80 has a hookup for headphones and to record directly to the computer.If I could record directly to my computer with the YCV50 blue I would get that
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