is there a program that i can seperate all the diffrent tracks and put them back together. I want to take the guitar tracks out of the recording so i can play along.
There's something you can do with audacity... i don't know exactly but try the search bar. It doesn't work perfectly with every song but it does work okay sometimes.

Otherwise, you'll need the master tapes or find a backing track online.
No, you can't do it with an MP3. It's a merged format where all of the tracks have been combined. The best you can do is use a program like Adobe Audition and use a "Vocal Cut" where the vocals and drums become faint, and the guitar is more pronounced. The only issue is that usually the lead guitar gets cut too, so all you hears is the rythym.

That's exactly what I've been trying to say.

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there are backing tracks out there. but like said, most programs to remove are flawed.

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signal processing is it (plugins for programs like audacity and such) but they all sound muddy and there's bound to be overlap between drums+bass & guitar+vocals so you'll cut things you don't mean to.
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