hi all im new to the forum but have been playing guitar for 7+ years and i am thinking about switching to emg 81 in the bridge and 85 in the neck. i would like to know the advantages are of active over passive. thanks
thanks for the input say ocean i am probably going with passive. its never done me wrong. but i cant say im not intrigued by the emg's
what kinda axe is it for, what amp, what styles?
i play a jackson with an 81 in the bridge..REALLY bright. one could call it sterile, one could call it "aggressive" if the guitar had a neck p/up i;d use it a lot more, maybe try going with a high output passive for the bridge, and use something moderate for the neck to get your cleans...like a SD JB/59, distortion/jazz or maybe some dimarzios.
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