Hi all!
This is the first song i've recorded, i know it's pretty low quality, i just used the equipment i had. the drums were done in fruity loops and everything else was done through a usb turntable input jack into cool edit pro. I'm pretty much a guitar/drums noob, i usually just play bass but this was pretty fun.
Just looking for some critique. Let me know what you think. Thanks!!

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It's called "Manipulation in 'His' Name." Lyrics are up too.
(the other ones are just me having fun in fruity loops..feel free to critique those too )

this isnt too bad. the vocals and bass i like. The guitar needs a little more tone. and the drums need more cymbals lol. pretty good altogether as your first song
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I enjoyed it, the only issues I have would be the mixing, the drums nd the bass are a tad too loud, or the guitars are quite quiet. The song is a bit on the short side, but none of these are catastrophic errors, not bad for someone who claims to be a noob :P

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