This Gone Shootin' cover here is the only one I've done that I actually like haha, the rest of them are **** I think. Probably because I actually took my time on this one.
all of them are great dude
the solo on flick need some work tho make it flow a little better not so choppy then flick would be perfect
Flick is my least favorite one out of all of them. That solo was rushed and a one taker. I only had 15 minutes before I had to leave for an exam. ****ing education system!
This is sensational work, my favourite band, and you have almost replicated the original to a tee here, 5/5!

I feel embarrassed asking you to critique this but I'm only new and wanting to improve, mind you this was an oldrecording and all I had on my pc and I'm the first to admit I cannot sing, I'm hoping to add some more with my new guitar I just got, at least it has a pre-amp! the on i used here was a straigh pick-up, anyway any suggestions greatly appreciated. Here it is - http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Robshots/music/all/play527920

Well done on the AC/DC again! I'm still overwhelmed by the quality!