i currently have two pedals installed to one of my amps: BOSS DS-2 and a Digitech Whammy 4. I plan on adding to this string of pedals, a Boss Hardwire Chorus, and a Line 6 DL4. I loved the bite i was getting out of the DS-2, but all of a sudden i plug in my Whammy and it's all gone; it hardly sounds like a distortion pedal at all, sounds like nothing. I figured this might be the order it is in. I switched order and it's just as bad, I can't recall if it might be a bit better. It is currently closest to the amp. Thoughts? Help?
****y cable.

I dont think that the wammy will suck that much of your tone

Low batteris in the wammy maybe ?
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Check the batteries in your DS-2 and check all of your cables. It's probably just your batteries; I once had a distortion pedal fail in the middle of a performance, which wouldn't have been a problem if I had realized what it was. Wah pedals with volume spikes are bad for everyone.
I own a DS-2 and a Whammy 4, and have them on my board right now. It works fine, so it is not something usual, something is wrong. Do you run the DS-2 on battery? Are you plugged in all the way? The whammy is hard to get your jack plugged in all the way.

no, i use chargers, and they're in all the way both sides, seems good. But with the DS-2 closer to the guitar (as opposed to the amp) the whammy gets crazy and goes from awesome to annoying so i gotta keep it on the amp side. any other ideas?
so i added a buffer in between (line 6 dl4 and a digitech hardwire chorus) and everything went back to normal. don't know what went wrong, but thanks for the help