I've been shopping for a new guitar to save for, and I've really been eying a C-1 classic. I'm looking for something that can play a lot of different styles, and I figured the pick-up combo can probably do pretty much anything. Does anyone own one and can comment on their versatility?

Also, the 2009 version with the green finish looks ****in SWEET. I instantly orgasmed when I saw it.
My cousin had one, and the pickups didn't sound great. However, I'm not sure if they were the original pickups. If they were, then the C-1 classics are NOT worth the money. they look and feel nice, though.
You will not regret it. It does everything.

Best $400 I've ever spent.
Lost interest.
yeah its sweet
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Gonna buy a c1 classic green in a month

Cant wait to finaly get rid of my ****ing dean.

Not because My dean suck, just because im tired of having a giant flying v
There's No School like Old School.

So yeah, i'm getting active again on this fucking website.

^yeah, dean v's are enormous! Jesus christ they're hard to play sitting down.

And I envy you, because I think I'm going to cheap out and probably not be able to get the green one since I'll be buying used. Damn you!!