This has nothing to do with Splinter Cell, although Chaos Theory happens to be my favorite game on this earth :]

Radio: "I have a theory, a chaos theory. That all free men will fall at the hands of themselves. All trials for a better world will be forgotten, and the plot to destroy our very exsistence will be revealed. The young brothers and sisters that would save us in the future will die. But fear not, for they shall not die alone, we will join them. As the fight for peace becomes a fight for survival, where will you stand? With the fallen or with the forgotten?"

*Theory riff* x2

The world is such a beautiful place.

*Chaos riff* x8

Chaos(chaos) is such a beautiful phrase, whether you be the stamp collector or the one getting maced. If it's the cops that your dreading then you'd best be amazed, they aint here to lay the shackles cus their running from the same thing.
Your son is fully loaded like he's going into vietnam, your daughter is the dealer on the streets you tried to keep her off. The radio friendly song talks about your city being bombed, my brothers and sisters we have lost(listen to the bodies drop!)

*riff* Fear the Sounds of War!
*riff* Fear the Sounds of War!
*riff* Fear the Sounds of War!
*riff* Fear the Sounds of War!

*chaos riff* x4

Theory(theory) the word that makes us sick, like the microphone turned on by the voice of the facist. The history book has a picture of an invisible god, the presidential speeches talk about past contradictions.
A newborn son is the poster boy for a bastard child, a homeless little girl is the medias new fodder. The priest speaks in tounges as he sets his chapel on fire, the oil in Iraq is filled with blood(listen to the bodies drop!)

*riff* Fear the Sounds of War!
*riff* Fear the Sounds of War!
*riff* Fear the Sounds of War!
*riff* Fear the Sounds of War!

*Bass Interlude*

"Shut your eyes, and staple them shut." These were the final words from our president. As he looks upon the ocean of his people, he begins to cry. He looks out on the crowd of individuals, he tells them, "you people are dangerous, kill eachother before you kill yourselves." The crowd laughs, children clap, the government officials congratulate eachother, and the president manages a fake smile. He jumps onto the podium, and announces to the world, "congratulations, we are royally ****ed." He then reveals the bombs strapped to his chest, and he jumps into the crowd; and the audience cheers as they realize they have fallen victim to Chaos Theory.

*Guitar/Bass solo*

Radio: "Billions have died today, hundreds remain. Acts of mass suicide have swept our nation, and what will we do? Pray, pray that god kills us before we do. Or we can wait for the survivors to kill eachother off. Children found wandering the streets looking for their parents, should be assassinated. Handicap, homeless, and those who are mentally ill, shall stain our river beds. And when all insignificants are gone, those who had the pleasure of survival must hang themselves.
We will not be missed, but we will go down in history.
Together we *static*
Our purpose *static*
Our theories *static*
Our exsistence *static*
Chaos" *radio fades out*
Really good.
Apocalyptic, powerful, aggressive piece of writing. Looks like Trash Metal?

If you add instruments, this is someting I'd definitely want to hear!