I'm trying to find the best way to connect my amp to my laptop so that I can record in garageband/logic. I'd like to use the amp that I already have if possible. I am currently using a VOX Valvetronix XL: series AD30VT-XL. Is it at all possible to connect this amp to my laptop? I am open to additional products if necessary.
just get a mic, sit it infront of it, get a 1/8" to a 1/4" converter if necessary, plug it into the mic jack in the comp, open audacity or other recording program, press record, DONE!!!!

or if your amp has a headphone jack in it, you could get an interface (toneport GX, UX1 etc.), plug the amp into the interface then the interface into the computer

as for microphones, maybe a shure SM57, thats what most people here with recommend
nice. thanks. Is the equipment that goes through the headphone jack in my amp a good alternative? It does have the jack. I've just heard in the past that people have problems with low volume. But if there are good products out there for going through the headphone jack, I'd like to try one of those options. What's one of the better pieces of equipment to take this route?
I'm looking at the Line 6 TonePort UX2 USB Recording/Modeling Interface shown on guitarcenter.com. It looks pretty nice and talks a lot about the effects and amp presets included within the unit. But, will this be something that I can use to record the sounds my actual amp can make? Sorry. I'm new to this recording stuff