Ok, cause I was wanting to install it on both my Laptop and Computer, Cause computer is on 2nd floor and studio/sound room is on 3rd. I could run the usb from the 3rd floor to 2nd but that would be impractical and a bit pricey.
REALLY impractical, wireless network might work but not in realtime. If you can record onto your laptop, then transfer files to your pc that would work.
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That was kinda my original plan. The laptop is on wireless and my PC is Wired to internet and I don't know how to network a wireless and Wired computer. Anyways, my friends/bandmates are waiting for me to order this so i'm gonnna go ahead and do it.
They are fairly good mixers, I recently sold the 8 channel model as I've upgraded to a Motu Ultralite firewire interface. Just avoid using the effects when recording, they don't sound good.

Also with cubase, you may be able to install it on 2 computers, but to be honest if you're planning to record tracks on 1 and transfer to the other I'd install reaper on the one you record to and then transfer and mix in cubase on the other computer.
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