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Whenever you tap, ding, scrape, or harm your bass on accident, what is your normal reaction?

Mine is usually VERY dramatic, I go get the lemon oil, return to my bass, get on my knees and scream at the top of my lungs "God, WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME???"
Hell, sometimes i shed a tear.
'Bout you o_O?
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Well, the reaction depends on the severity of the damage. I was quite shockedwhen I popped D string while tuning once time
Since my ultimate plan is to cover all of the painted portion of my bass in stickers? Doesn't bother me too much...
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when i ding my les paul it dosent bother me. a long time form now it will tell a story and feel comfortable. i love the look of long shallow surface scratches in the finish it makes it feel like its mine.
It depends on how hard of a "ding" it is. I tend not to worry too much though. Those "mystery dings" are ones that bother me.
swear a bit, get angry, check the damage, and resume playing.
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I totally CLOMMED the headstock on the corner of my wall. I hit it really hard, and it slightly dented it. Once you break the seal, you stop caring. I've gigged with it repeatedly and that's the only damage on it, really.
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I sigh, look at the size of the ding, and depending on the size, I'll either ignore it and keep going, or get mad and feel like I ruined my bass.
Well, what I summed up from these responses, you are all made of money. Give me some plz.
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Yeah, you definitely raped his churches and burned his women.

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Forgive the bluntness, but what in the chucklefucking hell is this?
Yeah I don't care about my bass, as long as it still plays fine, any dings are just character.

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It depends on how bad it is. When it got shot with a paintball gun, I flipped out for like five minutes while I cleaned it and made sure it didn't have a short. When it hit the window, I bitched and moaned about stepping on the glass and didn't care about my bass. When it got stabbed the first time, I only cared if it would affect the tone.
I think I only freak out when it affects the playability.
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When it got stabbed the first time

the first time?

I hit my first bass on the ceiling,sloping ceiling because roof slopes there, i kinda freaked because of a small chip on the headstock. after that it wasn't so bad. I mean, come on. I used to literally throw my trombone to the sideline in marching band lol.
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i usually notice 3-4 weeks later and soon as i do i try to remember what i did if by chance i do happen to remember i automatically blame my brother because i will never admit to damaging an instrument
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Instruments aren't going to be perfect forever. If it gets scratched or "dinged" then it gets scratched. I honestly don't care. My Schecter Gryphon is a perfect example. There is a small chunk missing from a corner on the headstock. My new VM Fretless Jazz does not have any wear and tear because I have only had her for a month. I named her Sarah by the way

Things get hurt, broken, ruined, dinged. Live and let live.
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Usually, if its on the body, I freak out on the inside, but don't really say anything out loud. I think about it for a while after it happens though. I don't care too much.
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Depends. I'm not too upset about my Squier or my SX, but my acoustic was a gift from a good friend and mentor and I really don't want to damage it.
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Usually I don't care.

Looks are just that, looks.
Actually sometimes, once a bass becomes old, I think dings and scratches only add to the appeal.
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I look, stroke it, then keep playing.
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well, since my aerodyne is used, i laugh and say good times, shrug and play on, i dont really care 'bout cosmetics (ps. dont say the lords name in vein > .... )
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My ESP I don't really care about, since the chances of me selling that are about slim to none, I love that bass.
The other basses that I play, the MB and the Ibanez SRX aren't mine, so I tend to treat them a bit better than my ESP, but I still just think: "****"
The only time i've gotten pissed off about a ding or a scratch is when i my bass lightly hit a music stand and out came a chip.
Only time I get annoyed about a "ding" in my bass... is when it wasn't me.

I did this Bass workshop for school and one of the year 7's was being a dick. and he knocked it on a table, I noticed it afterwards, and I nearly went back and hit him.

I don't care about that one now.

Because I lifted my Bass Case and only one latch was on, and that came loose. and smashed it against the tile floor.

I can see the Alder body through the paint and varnish. I think its pretty cool.
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I have managed not to hurt my babies to badly. However the first guitar I own has a scratch on the headstock. I got REALLY sad when that happened, I like my gear as perfect as possible, so I take extra care when handling. If I have to put one of my guitars down, it's right back to the music stand, not leaning against something where it could fall.
I think the most pissed I've ever been was when my family's '79 Peavey T-60 fell foreword from its stand, and the tip of the headstock hit the bridge my brother's GSR200. If the guitar had been 1/8" farther away, it would have been fine, but as it was, it ended up with a nice chunk out of the headstock.
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After the first ding I stop caring. Battle scars add character.

it depends how nice the guitar looks and how bad it is.

but it's only ever a variation on a =< facial expression
Natural finish, dings go un-noticed. =/
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I don't care much if I ding the headstock or neck of my basses but man when I scratch or ding the body I gasp and attack it with a polish cloth.

Especially my Geddy. I feel so bad when I ding it, which I've done twice already I think its near impossible to ding the body of my Sterling.
At this point--each ding has a story. The AccuBass is over 17 years old now and I'm shocked it doesn't have MORE dings that it has. Its part of life and its history, Its got a major dent from the strap pin coming loose during a workshop and it taking a header to the floor.

The Ibanez has its share of dings mainly from me swinging it around in the studio and forgetting the size of the instrument I am holding or from a faulty gig case that had a zipper that liked to open up at inopportune times (the gig bag has since been replaced).

The Stingray has a few here and there (very minor) from again, me dinging either the headstock or body because of playing in small studios and banging against a nearby object.
this is a funny topic.. I usually am about to let out a loud "F*CK" but usually just chill it out, haha
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After the first ding I stop caring. Battle scars add character.


The only time I'd really mind if it was on the neck, hard.
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Well, when i got my jazz 24 i took it to BP were my drummer wacked the headstock of his snare, and there was alot of "you ****in wackstain" "make me a sandwhich etc. But otherwise as long as it still works i have no porblem with it, unless its not me who dings it.
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When My jazz bass was brand new i'd be pissed when I dinged it, but after the first ding it's not that big of a deal. Plus it's so hard to ding thick polyurethane painted Mexican Fenders. This is my jazz bass after one and half years of normal play wear.

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I've got a noticable chip in my headstock from well me and my frontman's guitars hit each other mid song.

90% of the chips and stuff happen live so I have no time for grief, just keep playing.

And for the record, my bass did more damage to his guitar

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