Hey everyone, so I was selling some of my old guitar stuff. One being my Crybaby that I barely used. Anyways, the guitar shop that was gonna sell it for me called me up and said that the spring was missing from it. Now I don't know the specs of this wah pedal, but I have a decent idea of what exactly he's talking about. I tried to used it and it wasn't working at all.

My question to you is.....can I buy a spring that is specially made for the Dunlop Crybaby? If so send me a link to it. Thanks, I appreciate it.

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I found this on Dunlop's website. I'm assuming yours is the original crybaby. At the bottom of the page, it has a list of replacement parts. I didn't see a spring. :/

I would skim Dunlop's site and if you can't find anything then contact them directly.
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