the song structure i go by is basic


usually its just chords that sound good. then i break em up and add, nothing hard. i come up with(lyrics and guitar) a good intro,chorus, and solo,but my verses suck horribly.so i end up trashing it. how do you write better verses if you know how you want the rest? Any music theory gonna help with guitar? if so, specifically what might help, i don't know any music theory. lyrics is all me, i can't question you guys how but maybe coming up with a better guitar part might help.
well usually the chorus is the synopsis of the song (the main point) so to make a verse (the stroy of the song) exapnd upon you chorus and tell a stroy that can be summed up with what your chorus states
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I use the chorus as powerful re-enforcement to back up what I have stated in the verses. Sometimes I come up with the chorus first but not always.
Everyone has their own ways of writing songs... it sounds like you are close to being there though.

Start out by using your theory to decide on a progression that feels good to you and then jam to that progression... let the words come to you. Just start singing if you are the singer, sing about what you feel and create that overall idea of the song. Once you come up with that idea, break it down into one verse that feels good. I agree with an earlier post, use the chorus to make a powerful statement or your main idea.

To sum it up really, start by writing music for your verses and work around that. That should help you strengthen your songs. Also, never trash your stuff. Finish it and save it for a later day. No matter how bad you think it seems.
If theres one thing I've learned about verses, it's that if they drag on for to long you start running out of ideas, and if you think your first verse is extrodinary your second one might suck.
There are bands like System of a Down and Enter Shikari who repeat the same verse. If your first verse is really, really good, and you can't come up with anything to match it and think your next verse might kinda suck; you could use the whole verse repeat thing. It makes your song really repetetive, but at the same time, at least you'll be satisfied with all of it. Because that's a problem that I run into alot, where one of my verses blows me away and the other dissapoints me.

But, if your gonna go for the two completely different verses approach just make sure that the first one connects to the first one. Don't lose track of where you are going with the song, which is a really easy thing to do once you get past the first chorus. Look over your first verse and sorta continue with the vibe that you had going there.
I have this same frieken problem ik how you feel man. I can put every other part of a song and it be awesome, but no matter what order i write the song in, i cant write verses. I write lyrics and guitar for my band and ive found that if i start with lyrics first for a song, the verses wil be easier, but still, i have this problem very bad.