Ahoy. Well, I'll be buying an MXL 990 & 991 microphone kit within the week, and am looking for an audio interface to acompany it.

I don't really like the idea of buying a sound card, because I want it to be portable, and preferably able for a rack setup.

My budget for the audio interface is about £200. Though, I'd love to find one for lower than £170, I don't mind going the extra £30 if it means considerable amount of quality will be gained.

I'm new to the whole recording thing, and am basically buying this hardware to record some acoustic stuff, and occassionaly mic my amp to record. I've used a Lin6 Toneport GX to record with my electric guitar, but I really, really didn't like the tone I was getting.

Hopefully, I've got this down right?
All I'll need is:
Microphone > Audio Interface (with preamp per mic in) > Computer > Software

Also, if I did get an audio interface, what cables will I need to be able to hook everything up? Apart from the obvious XLR cables.

Sorry if I seem ignorant about the hardware and general setup, this is all new ground to me

Thanks in advance

What do people think of the PreSonus Firebox 6x10 FireWire Recording Interface? With my mics and this, would there be any more hardware needed?
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People here seem to like the emu 0202 and the m-audio fasttrack. Thats pretty much all you need apart from the mics really.

get a sm57 for electric stuff.

Thanks for the advice.

I agreed on a budget of £200 (about $300) because I wanted to be completely satisfied with quality and not want to upgrade my hardware every 2 months. So, that's why, even though I'm a newbie at this, I'd like to close to max out my budget and be happy for a good year or so (depending on factors). Plus, I'm not too sure on the next time when I'll be able to get this kind of money and be able to spend it on stuff like this
I own an e-mu 0404 which retail at about $199. I am very happy with it as a starting interface. I use it for micing my guitar amp and bass through a di box. It is great for what I use it for. As long as you won't be recording drums it is all you would need.
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you could buy a ART mic tube preamp, they are like 40 euro, and use the toneport gx with it, will save you money
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