Hey everyone, I'm thinking about purchasing some midi equipment for my guitars and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on it from people who have it, and if you could, tell me how you have it set up.
1 - its expensive
2 - its not flawless, however typically the more you spend the more reliable it is
3 - most midi setups are independent of that one setup, once you install the gear onto your guitar if you want a bank of sounds from a different mfg then you will have to install their pickups etc

i didn't do a TON of research on this stuff, but i did do a enough to determine that i wouldn't want to spend that much for that little personally. i would recommend taking half of what you would spend on a good midi setup and buying 4 or 5 decent pedals and getting more sounds out of your guitar. thats just my 2 cents though.
well the thing is, my band has been looking into making a sort of rough demo, and we dont want to spend the money on recording time. The other guitarist in my band has a multi-effect pedal with midi in and out built into it, so we thought that maybe shelling out the 60-70 bucks for equipment wouldnt be too bad. Ive been looking into it a bunch lately and its still really confusing me, which is why im trying to find out how people have theirs set up and what they think of it
^ ok, i think you're missing something. plugging your guitar into the multi fx and then running that midi out into something else (like a vst) won't do anything. you typically have to get a setup that is a midi controller pickup that runs into a module thats setup specifically for it and that modules has the sounds you can use for it.

one example for the pickup system is this

i think with this pickup system you could run it into your computer for a vsti/vst system and use whatever patches you have in your pc.
your best bet is to go to your local guitar center (or mega guitar chain store) and tell them what you're looking to do.
okay, so the pedal i was talking about is the line 6 floor pod plus, it has this manual that i found on the internet for the midi. http://line6.com/data/l/0a060072c8d347743de40453f/application/pdf/MIDI%20Continuous%20Controller%20Reference%20(Rev%20C)%20-%20English.pdf

would i still need to get a controller if i were to run the guitar through this? were also planning on getting an interface because my computer doesnt have a direct midi input. lemmie know if you can explain some of this to me, i find midi very confusing
thats just midi channel switching for the line 6, which has nothing really to do with using your guitar as an instrument. basically it has midi channel switching so that you can hook up a midi footswitch and assign different foot pedals to different parameters in the line 6. so you tap one switch and your distortion comes on (or whatever parameter you have it set to) you might have a certain setting in that set to your expression pedal so when you rock the wah your gain fades in and out. or you might have another pedal set to your chorus and have the foot switch linked to the depth of the chorus. or you might just use each footswitch to trigger a preselected combination of sounds (distortion + flange + chorus) you're not using your line 6 to run your guitar into your computer and get violin or piano sounds (or anything like that, which is what i was assuming you wanted to do)
i was actually just looking to run the guitar into the computer and just use the normal sound of the guitar. should i just try micing the amps instead of midi?
^ oh ok, yeah, theres a HUNDRED ways to do that lol. i thought you wanted to get synth sounds from your guitar. m audio makes lots of good usb and firewire ports. i suggest getting a preamp of some form otherwise the signal wont be very loud. i use a boss br8 which is a digital 8 track with lots of preset amp models as a preamp and run it into a mobile pre usb input.
okay, thanks a bunch. the only problem is that i dont have a whole lot of money at the moment, so would not using a pre amp still work okay? and then i was also wondering about what to use software wise
^ software is a whole different story. technically yes you can do it without a preamp, the problem is that the signal won't be very loud or full.
okay, we'll try it without and see how the sound is. Software is the part that has me completely confused...