Kind of inspired by Semi-Charmed Life, by Third Eye Blind, a fast paced song. So its just kind of fun, didnt really put alot of thought into it, just let it flow.

Love a girl who just may be pretend
Today im found in five and
Yesterday I figured how its okay
Tommarrow will be a blend of the same
Saturday im good to go
Blended with the yearbooks of my closet
Shes like a myth to me
Gives a forsaken smile to me
Didnt even know her name
Ive flipped that page
Skip the quarter notes I run on 16ths
She was beauty in the summer I believe
Wouldnt call it love at first site
I might get crushed super tight
Impovershed by love
Improved by this one
Impossible youd say but she comes through tons
And I know I know ive only mumbled to her once

And I could hear the ticks
Of a time bomb that I picked
Rhythm of creativity
Riddle in a cavity

Like ritalin in my veins
Bring the curtain down on the stage
I'll jump into the pit
Write for her a bit
Force her ears to sit
Sing about this ****
You wait and see
She'll love me
Cuz shes like a star above our heads
Burning hot and arcane is whats said
Destruction in my mind
Construction is behind
Im swmiming in tar
Jump back to the first bar
Called segno and drink some triple F down
Im a creep so babe lets paint the town
Where the cars are a blur like my brain around you
And the skyscrapers stop growing when you speak
Sing me to sleep
Out of the dream
Give me a chance we'd make a good team

Im a coward in a hoodie as good as upsessed
Bystanding my love bewitched between both of us
The gust picks me up and sways me your way
Because weathers on my side today
Dont run, hide, be shy
Trust me im a good guy
Lets 'sing in the rain'
And not remember 'yesterday'
Were 'feeling this' rebels
Wheeze out 'no one else'
'Rock the casbah'
Rock my life
Baby rock me all night

We'll make them photographers
Focused to capture what we'll have
And shoot at us with envy
And the grey film will never develop

I believe in this lotto ticket chance
I'll hold my stance till we romance
We danced
And I just once want those goosebumps again
Again ive done the dance
Now I talk the talk and need to mock the walk
Enough to stop my cries
But i'll shut up to survive
Her smile, her eyes, her voice take the words from my mouth
to a blender so im mute,cant ask you out
I want to see her look into my eyes
That reflect back to hers and in the sky
Motionless moon take us away
So far away
We'll just stare till the music hits the snare
Pop back upright in my bed that I wish never existed
Another dream because Im just twisted
Just like a slinky sliding south on an escalator
Moving but still one place in a crater
Dictionary of feelings I wont miss
One day she'll feel blistors from writing this
I"ll feel hers from playing her guitar
Then we'll plug into each others hearts
The feeling is unfair
Just until I hear that snare
Yamaha-APX700 Acoustic-Electric
Epiphone-Les Paul standard Electric