In my current build I was just going to transfer the bridge from an old guitar to this one, but the problem is, I took the screws out (its a Gibson style bridge) and there are these sockets that the bolts went in to that I cant get out. I dont know if they are necessary to transfer over, I'm guessing it will be a dirtier job, or less sturdy of a bridge without them, but I can't get them out without cutting the old body or something - which cant really be an option, any ideas/help?

-sorry for no pics, I got locked out of my studio tonight, so if no one knows what I'm talking about Ill get some tommorow night.
eh, looking at them, it seems as though i could put in a long bolt, clamp it down and pull it out with enough strength? that seems like all that tool is doing. but there has to be more to it than that? and even then, i guess i dont understand how something that seems to just be jammed in, since they dont seem to have thread on the outside of the bolt, stays in even?
I'm new to these types of bridges, the only build bridges I've done were fender style, without a trem, so its just screw in... I don't know.. I'd like to learn more about these, but for time/ stress' sake maybe it would just be easier for me to buy a new bridge for it? Although, then I'd be tempted to get one with a trem, and thats more stuff I dont know how to instal...
you could buy just the bushings if you have to...

they're really just jammed in there.. take a look at the bushings on stewmac.com, and you can see they're kind of ribbed. the hole's the size of the bushing the the 'valley' of each rib, so the raised parts of the rib dig into the wood..
It is possible to get the old ones out the bolt method works pretty good. And you cant put the bridge in another guitar without em.