Okay, so my stupid high school band teacher is expecting us to do extra curricular activities outside of school for an A in his class, so I decided to do solo and ensemble.

The problem is that I need a piece to play, which is why I'm asking you all for suggestions.

The only specifications is that it has to be grade 4 and compatible for flute.

one kid was also telling me of a site that gives out sheet music since the copyright is out of date. Anyone know what he's talking about?
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grade four?
try playing "morning mood" by edvard grieg.. im not sure the level of the original piece.. probably 6 (if you include all the movements.. which im not familiar with..)

but that's a cool one to play.. hahah
i know for string instruments we have shar.com... try finding the band equivalent..

**edit it's sharmusic.com, not shar.com