Hey just thought I would get some thoughts together on ESP guitars. I have a LTD F-50. Whats your views on this guitar and others?
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Your guitar will be infinite. Far over 9000.

I personally don't MIND them, although for the prices charged on most models, the least the company could do is construct their guitars of adequate wood - many are made of Agathis and other low grade materials. It's only until you're paying over a couple thousand that the better woods, such as Mahogany and Ash are utilized. Even then though, you may be left with a less exotic wood. This has always been my number one concern with ESP guitars.

Personally, I'm neutral towards them. I've played low to high end models, and while the $4000 high end models clearly felt and sounded of better quality, a $1000 Ibanez felt better to me, and a $1000 Schecter - my current guitar - better than that.

It's all a matter of preference, really. But I do have a strong dislike towards their tendency to use low grade, and low quality woods in constructing their guitars.

being in austrailia i'm sure the prices are jacked to hell but you're point about needing to spend over $1000 for decent wood is null in the US. my viper 400 is made of mahogany and only cost me $580.

recently ltd has switched to basswood for their low end models.
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They're definitely some nice guitars, but the price is hard to justify for their higher end models.
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Oh god yes, definitely blown out of proportion. But even by comparison to those products which are also jacked up, I still sought after the qualities of less costly guitars But overall, Australia is awful when it comes to purchasing gear.

Overall though, I'd have to say my ESP preference is for the Horizon. Very, very comfortable and well constructed guitars, in my opinion.
yea i feel the same way...its my first geet and it feels good in my hands...i know ill be finding better though.
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Your guitar will be infinite. Far over 9000.

Dude i have an f-50 from 2004, thing is imaculate and the neck plays well.
today i played an 08 model, damn thing sucked, the edge frets were sharp, and the neck felt like plastic, I'm guessing ltd quality went way down.
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