Will Gibson do custom colors, PU configuations, binding, etc. upon request (without dishing out ridiclous amounts of extra cash)? I know PRS does ...but as soon as you change the color of a knob or add binding the price of the guitar tripples. I really want a Gecko green/yellow LP with a flametop, gold hardware, and maybe a carved back like the supreme has. Some things is can add myself like the fine tuning bridge or locking klusons, coil taps ....

So yeah
It will be insanely expensive. The best you can do is talk to a gibson custom shop dealer if you have one locally and see if something close to your description has already been made. Otherwise, get an independent luthier to make one for you.

Granted, places like Gibson have some of the best luthiers around, but you're paying the fee for the awesome luthier, then you're paying the fee for the gibson logo. Personally, I'd just skip the whole logo part like Colin said.
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Look at Carvin
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Look at Carvin

Seconded. Why's it gotta be Gibson? I'd take a Carvin over anything (except an Ormsby anyday)

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Gibson will build you any guitar you can possibly dream up, presuming you're willing to pay their prices. Several other companies have excellent custom shops and there are dozens of independent luthiers who will build just about anything as well.

I suggest you piece together a guitar from www.warmoth.com
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Gibson guitars are insanely overpriced to begin with, why wouldn't you think a Custom Shop guitar would be the same?