I've always wondered what everyone thought about this: What do you think of nationalities having such a profound affect on the sound of a band? For example: United Arab Emerates or India, places like that probably have a much different, maybe even darker music when it comes to metal. SO who do you think produces the best sounds? The darkest lyrics? The thrashiest music? Things like that. I would love to hear all your guys opinions and views.
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Your guitar will be infinite. Far over 9000.

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haha those Europeans are awesome.
LOL that is the most random $hit i have ever seen. Is that an actual parody song?
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Your guitar will be infinite. Far over 9000.

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Well, I live in Wales, and I've found all my lyrics are about valleys and sheep, so you must be right.

That's my favourite Jonestallica song \m/

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especially the lithuanians

haha that songs from eiffel 65, the people who made the I'm blue song, its pretty dope its like some eurodance trance shizz.
i think so, but some to a lesser extent than others...for example, i have a lot of trouble writing really original music, so my riffs just sound like standard death / thrash / whatever style i'm writing in. but if you check out alchemist, they sound really australian...in a kind of weird way.

i like the idea though, it's a pretty interesting thought.
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